"Thank you for conducting such an excellent program. Your true passion for your work/messages was well on display and we are very fortunate you were able to conduct this training for us."
Mark A. Gogal
VP – HR, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation

"I would like to thank you for wonderful training help provided in the Training workshop. Your training module and your help is wonderful."
Amit Dhrangadhariya
Sr. Executive – Gujarat Operations | Contact Center Business | Vodafone India Services Pvt. Ltd



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Epignosis is a young company focusing on the transformation of individuals and organizations using behavioural and soft skills knowledge, training, coaching and counselling. While we focus on attitudinal shifts, we prefer the "converse with" approach and not the "talk down to" style of interaction. We believe that true attitudinal shifts come from the need to be heard and valued coupled with deep, non-judgmental listening and that is our core strength - Listening.

What does Epignosis mean?
What does Epignosis mean? The word Epignosis is a Greek word and is a combination of two words, Epi and Gnosis. While Gnosis is the root word for knowledge, Epignosis means 'internalized knowledge', something that has become an integral part of you (a kind of living knowledge).

Think of it like this:
A Ship's Captain in the olden days would use a sextant (in the absence of modern day equipment) to plot his ship's position on the map. This manual intervention was required to course correct a ship that would tend to veer a few degrees off course due to external factors like wind and currents.
While a few degrees off course does not seem like much, if continued, it would not be long before the ship was totally off its original destination (destiny).
By plotting his position after taking a reading, the Captain knew exactly how much to course correct.

That is the essence of our training. All that people require to know is already known. We just facilitate a little 'course correction' in their lives wherever necessary by working on Thought Leadership, People Leadership and Result Leadership.