"Thank you for conducting such an excellent program. Your true passion for your work/messages was well on display and we are very fortunate you were able to conduct this training for us."
Mark A. Gogal
VP – HR, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation

"I would like to thank you for wonderful training help provided in the Training workshop. Your training module and your help is wonderful."
Amit Dhrangadhariya
Sr. Executive – Gujarat Operations | Contact Center Business | Vodafone India Services Pvt. Ltd




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Corporate Training:
For individuals: Are you eager to make an impression in your organization, but don't know how? Do you ever feel that your passion for work is diminishing by the day? Do you feel like work is getting to be a chore? Where's your enthusiasm?
For your teams: Are your team members pulling in different directions? Are they clued into the organizational goals? Do they respect each other's views without derailing the progress? Do they truly connect with each other?
As an organization: Are you aligned with the vision? Do you have a culture that builds on the core values? Are your change management programs not having the effect you desire? is the energy of the organization upbeat?
We partner with Individuals, Small and Large groups in their learning and development, transformation and growth changes. We are truly interested in hearing what you have to say.

Education Management:
We partner Educational Trusts and other Educational Institutes to set up their entire educational process. Beginning with the construction of the school building to getting the requisite licences, appointment of The Principal, Teachers and Non Teaching staff, setting up of Administrative Support Systems and IT Process systems for fee management, we ensure there is a smooth transition from an idea to the actual running of the school. In addition we also design the curriculum, constantly review the teaching techniques and make it adaptable for use in the location where the school is set up. We also conduct training for teachers making them effective in their role as catalysts in the lives of young children.

Coaching and Counselling:
For Students: We offer personality coaching to enable them to verbalize and realize their potential. Untapped potential is a waste and our job is to listen, listen, listen to what is NOT being said and watch the buds blossom.
For Adults: We undertake one-to-one coaching sessions for heads of schools, teachers and management to ensure that each one is aligned with the big picture and can work towards a common goal symbiotically.